lunes, 21 de enero de 2008

My First Sign

hellooo everybody!!!! welcome to my space. Ithink that my teacher have a great idea because we can learn to give our point of view and I think that is a different way to learn. for that reason I appreciate that my teacher find a funny way to teach us.
well I guess that´s all I hope that make a good comments ok

Thanks everybody and see you soon.

3 comentarios:

jazzman58 dijo...

I think you wanted to say 'I think that my teacher had a great idea'. Besides that your writing needs a bit of coherence so you can state your ideas clearly. But anyway, I really appreciate your effort though you have to work a bit harder, OK?

jazzman58 dijo...

You haven't written anything else yet? I'm so sorry but at the end you'll have to attend the SAC for 15 hours and you're not going to enjoy that.

Aurelio G. Sosa dijo...

Go Tere GO Tere go go go!
Remember that blogging is an important task this semester, so start working on your blog, I know you can do it, if not you'll have to do thousands of SAC hours, remember that!!!!
And by practicing your writing you'll improve it every time more and more...